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It is a card that is not paper and that through your cell phone, QR code or a mobile page (short link), you can share your personal data, web information, social networks or any other type of contact information you require to make yourself known as best as possible.


Shorten distances, gain contacts, gain followers, sell, show the links you require and convert your interactions immediately.

With TPD you can share your phone, address, social networks, Web pages, make immediate payments, gain more followers, generate subscriptions and professionalize the services you require through a mobile platform designed to your liking.

No more printed paper

Your Digital Business Card will always be available with QR code or short link.

No more physical cards

DBC never runs out, you won't need to look for cards you no longer have.

Always available

Just show your QR code or short link and that's it! Your customer will have your information

Impact the first time

You will impress your clients or contacts with the design and the ease of sharing your data.

Immediate linking

Your TPD will lead them to your most important information. Your QR code or short link can be placed on a website, App or application or directly from your cell phone.

Your QR code or short link

You can print it, share it, put it on stickers or whatever you need to make yourself known.

Share it thousands of times?

Printed cards are shared for the amount you buy. Digital cards have no limit, share it thousands of times!

Need another QR Code tip?

Contact us and we will customize your needs. For restaurant menus, for website access, maps, links, downloads etc.

How does a Digital Business Card work?

1. Scan the QR code or access it through the short link

With your camera or other application that uses it, scan the QR code or in the browser type the short link.

2. It will immediately send you to your TPD

Once scanned, the TPD of the person you scanned their QR code or used the short link access will appear on your cell phone.

4. All your information in one click or one scan.

From your basic data to social networks, payment links or download documents you can use for your TPD. And more...

3. Adapt your TPD with the information you need.

Remember that any changes you make to your TPD your QR code may change, but your short link will remain the same.

5. Say goodbye to paper or cardboard cards

You no longer need to print your cards to have someone to hand them out to. Your TPD is always available online.

6. Different designs to customize your TPD.

We can customize your TPD according to the layout or design you want for the functionality of your TPD.

Here are some examples:
                 Scan the following QR codes to see the examples on your Mobile.

Roman Design

Iruza Design

Logan Design

Suzubieta Design

Vanadiors Design

Snow Design